Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Paper Boat Dreams

To entice you:
The scale of some of the featured objects in the videos that I'm about to show you:

Mini Paper Boat

(if you dislike contemplating little tiny things, might as well quit now.)

I made two videos this weekend that I am pretty happy with. In a way, they are preliminary sketches on something I am building upon, but they also work in their own way.
In my last blog, I was talking about entryways into a dimension that is very much parallel (and same) to our own, yet hidden. I also said that I enter such places through my work.
It is my hope with these videos to share an example -of sorts- of how this might work. It has to do with zooming into things up close, things or events that are simple, that go unnoticed and are usually taken for granted. These things and events are everywhere (they are everything), and because of this is that we ignore them. In the worlds that I make, rules of reason and behavior are "different" (hence Other Space), hoping to highlight the fragility of our judgment when perceiving reality.

Paper Boat Dream 1 from Alberto J. Almarza on Vimeo.

Paper Boat Dream 2 from Alberto J. Almarza on Vimeo.

The videos and related work are also a revision of my usual exploration of worlds, and worlds within worlds. For my Art Out of the Box residency, I am planning to do something similar, making mini scenes and secretly encasing them within crevices of the South Side.
(This should be really fun, stayed tuned on that project, which has already completed one residency...)
Thanks for haging out and watching the vids!
See you next time.