Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Geometer's Secret

A Geometer's Secret AA11

Alberto J. Almarza

First Levitated Objects

First Levitated Objects

Early Torisian historic depiction of vessel used in the innitial levitation and suspension experiments of the Engineering Era.
Courtesy of the Mystery Libraries of Torisia
Nov, 2011


Artificial Planetoids

From the Mystery Libraries of Torisia, these innitial studies on levitated artificial celestial bodies and the engineering of controlled atmospheres, planetoids, planets, orbits and other living systems.

Fractal genesis of a tree

Planetoids AA11
First planetoids: experiments in levitation and geomorphic grids

Cartography of Torisian planetoid development

Sphere Limit 1 AA11
"Sphere Limit 1"
Iterations of alignment on the 12 point sphere surface

Platonic Solids and other geometric forms

Studies of platonic solids done in compass and straightedge using graphite, tea and wax on paper.

World Within a World AA11
"World Within a World"
Dodecahedron inside subdivided Dodecahedron

Ripples 1 AA11
"Ripples 1"
Concentric circle-packing on the Icosahedron

Ripples 2
"Ripples 2"
Concentric circle-packing on two imposed Icosahedra

Ripples 3 AA11
"Ripples 3"
Concentric circle-packing on Stellated Dodecahedron

Pyramids AA11
Sub divided Stellated Cuboctahedron

Alberto J. Almarza


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Geodesic sphere study

"Wrapping my Senses Around a Geodesic Sphere"
Incorrect stereoscopic image of shadow overlaping a pencil-drawn geodesic sphere, homage to Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics



I havent posted in so loooong! But just so you cant say I've been slacking, I've brought some art with me to show you.
Here is a diorama room I created in october as a special commission for a friend...

It took many hours of work and lots of fun. The creation of rich contained worlds has been a passion and pursuit of mine for many years now.
Here is a "behind the scenes" image of the photoshoot which took place inside my "Moss Bed Valley", an indoors moss bed in my home studio.

I like to build a world in detail. I enjoy it so much. I am fascinated by the layers of depth that can emerge from a world or space or environment once you look at it at close range and pick appart its possibilities. And so in this project I added many layers of details, so that there would be mini artworks contained within the artwork; worlds within worlds.

For example, I made this abstract mixed media painting to hang in the back wall:

Mini Painting (2)

here's a detail:

mini painting detail

And in the library I added cool things, like this replica of his kid's drawing...


...and this portrait done in pencil from a wedding picture.

mini wedding portrait

But one of the funnest details to add, was this hidden miniature book...

hidden book

Mini book 1

I call this book "Illustrated Imaginary History of Energy and Matter"

Mini Book 3

mini BOok 2

Thanks a lot for visiting my little world, hope you enjoyed!

Mini room view