Thursday, November 11, 2010

La Caza del Hombre Onirico

Finally I've been able to get this video ready to share. It is the making of a mural I painted at my aunt Tuga's house in Chile, called "La Caza del Hombre Onirico" (Hunt of the Oniric Man). The video shows the process of its creation, and while this took about 2 weeks, here you can see it done in three minutes. Movie magic!
The music is a piece called "Pleiades" by amazing composer Iannis Xenakis. Special thanks to my wife Sarah for her help, to my aunt Emi for her advice, my aunt Tuga for letting us camp at her house and make this mural happen, and to Luis Alberto Latorre for putting together the video sequence. Also special thanks to the Museo Precolombino de Chile for their wonderful 2009 exhibit: "Fishermen of the Fog", which in part inspired the piece.

Finalmente pude arreglar este video para compartir. Muestra la creacion de un mural que pinte en la casa de mi tia Tuga en Chile, llamado "La Caza del Hombre Onirico". El video muestra el proceso de creacion que tomo alrededor de dos semanas y aqui puede verse en tres minutos. La magia del cine!
La musica es una pieza llamada "Pleiades" del increible compositor Iannis Xenakis. Agradecimientos especiales a mi mujer Sarah por su ayuda, a mi tia Emi por su consejo, a mi tia Tuga por dejarnos acampar en su casa y realizar este mural, y a Luis Alberto Latorre por la edicion y produccion del video. Agradecimientos tambien al Museo Precolombino de Chile, por su hermosa exposicion el 2009: "Los Pescadores de la Niebla", que sirvio en parte de inspiracion para esta obra.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sketchbook drawings: Diluvian Dreams

Not that I draw as well as I'd like, but still, would like to share these most recent drawings from my sketchbook.
I'm not exactly sure what to say about them. It usually takes me a while before I can begin to understand and talk about my own drawings -at least this type of drawing, very spontaneous and fast, yet present.

Diluvian Dream: Corners and Crevices AA1o

Diluvian Dream: HumaZuma

These ones had a somewhat ominous feeling about them, like a sort of diluvian dream of simbolic importance. I do think they are very significant, at least in regards to my own life work. I keep coming back to certain aspects of them which seem strangely familiar: as if a hidden part of me was making them to communicate some crucial message to my conscious self, which is itself asleep in the daily trance of the mundane.

Diluvian Dream: Anubis Passage

Diluvian Dream: Anubis Vessel

Diluvian Dream: Raft

Maybe the message is: Wake up! get up! do it! build! invent! harmonize! transcend! it's time!!! Do your thing! Awaken your daydream!!

And so I wish I could just allow my Lifeforce to take it from here, so I can fully realize whatever it is that my soul is trying to get me to do.

Diluvian Dream: Elevation



Monday, November 8, 2010

Brugmansia Suaveolens

My Brugmansia tree is in full bloom Today!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Indoors Moss Bed Valley

About three days ago, some guys came to my house to fix the gutters. There was a huge moss bed growing on our roof that I had been wanting to use for a sort of indoors moss-greenhouse I wanted to build. But before I could do anything, the guys had taken all the moss off, and thrown it to the ground!

Moss mess 2

Moss mess

So I collected all the moss, and quickly built a setup in my studio on the third floor: a canvas bed with a plastic bag to create a moist environment for the moss.

Come in
Here, come to my studio, I'll show you...

Moss bed indoors

So this is the moss bed tent, made of a canvas and a plastic bag with alligator clips tied to hooks attached to the ceiling. And here is the inside...

Inside the Moss Bed

I present to you, Moss Bed Valley!

Moss Bed Valley

It is a very comfy place to lay down to think, or rest under a tree..

Moss Bed Valley detail

Or to go for a walk, when I need a break from my work.

View of Moss Bed Valley

So next time you stop by my studio, make sure to visit Moss Bed Valley, and maybe while you are visiting the Coreopsis tree will be in bloom, showing off its wonderful purple flowers.

Moss bed tree

Moss bed landscape