Saturday, March 21, 2009

My first post ever

WOW, I have officially entered the world of blogging.
I'll just be experimenting here...
bleep.... bleeeeeep!

yes. it works.

Now, I'm gonna link to flickr for no reason. YEY, I made a link! I haven't made a flicker account yet though, but I think I should.

OK, now, I will upload a photo. I can do all this thanks to David Pohl's blog workshop!

This is "The insect Maker", a piece I did in 2008, as part of a series of 12 Visionary Chambers. These are boxes that you view into through a magnifying lense (this is really the roughest description I could possibly give you, I know..). Here is also a video on Vimeo of the Insect Maker. I intend to really organize this blog so as to properly share a lot of my works and be able to present the work cohesively to you; there is so much of it!

But for now I will focus on my class blogs and current projects

I am now creating blogs for the classes I am teaching at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts: "Sacred Geometry" and "From Mud to Music". I feel fortunate that I have had the chance to teach these classes, since they are inspired by some of my personal and most passionate studies and explorations. I am very thankful to PCA for openly supporting and allowing for these rare and exiting classes to take place. Check the blogs out!

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  1. Oh Chiti, you're the new Matta for Chile, I'm so proud and I dont speak in english very well, please traduce the text... to chilean people.
    I love you so very much,