Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuner of Butterflies

I want to share some images of this drawing I just finished called "Tuner of Butterflies", much in the lines of "The Insect Maker."

Part ot the inspiration was found in Brothers Quay's "The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes."

I have always admired the brother's incredible craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, and yet I have wished their matters were a bit less dark. I figured, on the other side of life's turmoil-generator, there exists an equally laborious creator of peace. and so: as an earthquake happens in the lab of an automaton-making alchemist, a butterfly is hatched in Tokyo...



  1. Hola, Alberto, soy Marre Wacquez artista visual en Chile, me interesa un montón lo quevi en el blog, si lees este mensaje respóndelo aquí mismo y te doy mis datos para que sigamos en contacto. llegué a este blog después de leer un post tuyo en un foro de la Kiki Smith

  2. Hola Marre
    Gracias por el mensaje.
    si pues, sigamos en contacto entonces.