Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nature is the Source

Blue Flower AA1o

Haven't posted in a while, haven't really created many physical artworks lately: been busy expecting a baby (any day now!) and setting up my new studio (it's going to be nice, I can't wait to start using it!)

So I figured in the meantime I would share a few moments I managed to capture, featuring one of my most favorite subjects of all time: Nature!

Nature is the Source. Period.

But beside the Macrometaphor of that statement (which would be more like "Nature Is"), is the simpler fact that nature is the source of my inspiration. Nature at large, yes, with humans and everything included, sure, but also nature upclose. Mini nature, unseen nature, underside nature, backyard nature, just-stepped-on-you-so-what nature.

It is not the surface beauty of nature alone that attracts me, but everything about it: its diversity, its birth-growth-and-death, its mechanisms and workings, its scale and scope, and mostly, its simultaneous grantedness and mystery at once.

Yeees. It is here. Look at it. Wowify yourself. Remember yourself in it.
Or else...
Get creeped out by it and perish! Hahahahah

I recommend you view the slideshow in full screen. It is short.

"Recovering from a state of self-forgetfullness, I have found myself counting the stamens of a flower" Tufu

Go look!


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