Saturday, November 19, 2011


I havent posted in so loooong! But just so you cant say I've been slacking, I've brought some art with me to show you.
Here is a diorama room I created in october as a special commission for a friend...

It took many hours of work and lots of fun. The creation of rich contained worlds has been a passion and pursuit of mine for many years now.
Here is a "behind the scenes" image of the photoshoot which took place inside my "Moss Bed Valley", an indoors moss bed in my home studio.

I like to build a world in detail. I enjoy it so much. I am fascinated by the layers of depth that can emerge from a world or space or environment once you look at it at close range and pick appart its possibilities. And so in this project I added many layers of details, so that there would be mini artworks contained within the artwork; worlds within worlds.

For example, I made this abstract mixed media painting to hang in the back wall:

Mini Painting (2)

here's a detail:

mini painting detail

And in the library I added cool things, like this replica of his kid's drawing...


...and this portrait done in pencil from a wedding picture.

mini wedding portrait

But one of the funnest details to add, was this hidden miniature book...

hidden book

Mini book 1

I call this book "Illustrated Imaginary History of Energy and Matter"

Mini Book 3

mini BOok 2

Thanks a lot for visiting my little world, hope you enjoyed!

Mini room view


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  1. This is really lovely. The "big" painting on the back wall is beautiful.