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Magniforium Scope AA12

View of Torisian Orbital Model as seen through
my Magniforium Scope

Lunar Orbits of Torisia

The minuscule crystal moon Zalvwonzia (top right of this image) is ommited in the torisian model due to its orbital distance and luminosity.

Torisia is an artificial planet levitated by superconductivity. Through its nucleous, a central axis unfolds onto an outer shell, alltogether in the shape of a Torus, yet seen here as a sphere.

Superconductive Orbital grid

The electromagnetic field circumscribing Torisia is a superconductive orbital grid, here depicted as a Geodesic Triacontahedron

The interplay between the planet's mass, lunar orbits and electro magnetic structure hold the Torisian atmosphere in a precarious state of equilibrium.

Torisian Lunar orbits detail AA12

Torisian Moons Archimedea and Equatius effecting tidal change

Torisian Artic detail AA12

Torisian Polar North and the dead moon Torvento

Geometry associated with the Torisian Planetary Cosmology is that of round polyhedra and spherical objects such as:

Pentakis Sphere AA12

The Pentakis Dodecahedron, or geodesic sphere

Geodesic Triacontahedron

The Geodesic Triacontahedron

Sphere Limit 1 AA11

The 12-point Sphere

And most predominantly the Snub Dodecahedron

Torisia dodeca Map AA12

Unfolded Snub Dodecahedron Map of Torisia 1

Torisian Map AA12

Unfolded Snub Dodecahedron Map of Torisia 2

Orbital Model of Torisia

For a closer look of Torisia, view raw footage captured using my Magniforium Scope

Stereoscopic image: "Crystal Caves of Zalvwonzia"

Crystal Caves AA12

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