Thursday, November 21, 2013

Eight Spiraling Cubes

Eight Spiraling Cubes

"Eight Spiraling Cubes"
Compass and straightedge, pencil and Mahogany ink on paper.
Oct x-Nov 10, 2013

This drawing contains no real curves, only straight lines. Each cube is embedded inside the other as they turn inwards becoming ever so smaller. Is this two-dimensional figure possible in three dimensions?
Unsure on how to answer that myself, I thought I would instead share a few process sketches, and  a couple of heart-felt thoughts I wrote down during the different windows of time I spent creating this piece.

8SC process detail 3

October 12: "Just when I had thought a drawing would be so simple, I find myself working on the biggest challenge I have ever attempted. It is so hard, to the point where I start to think I just won't be able to do it, and I seriously consider giving up.
But then, a sort of creative curiosity kicks in: how would I ever find out if this seemingly impossible endeavor is simply out of reach altogether, or if it is just a little further than I could imagine?"

8SC process detail 2

October 12: "The world is resplendent with order and beauty. To this we are all still beginners, as there are infinite further layers of significance to unveil"

Eight Spiraling Cubes Phase 1

November 6: "Life is the unending work in progress"

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