Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spontaneous "Thought-Forms" Series

Created June, 2009. Exhibit opening at Mendelson Gallery July 3rd.

I created this series of drawings during two weeks in the month of June, 2009. I approached the blank surface with no pre-conceived idea other than the intention to create spontaneous abstract forms referencing the orders in nature. The series ended up as a total of 16 drawings that I named after their completion, based on the general essence I perceived when observing them. First, there is a series of 8 5" x 5" drawings I called the "Diatomic Thought-Forms". These appear to represent seed, nucleous, cellular, generative or primordial abstractions of the natural metaphoric cosmos. Second, there is a series of 5 8" x 10" drawings I called "Biomimetic Thought-Forms" which may represent the "middle realm", animal, insect, plant and human layer of the Bios (and apparently some of their "atmospheric" interactions and processes). Finally there is a series of 3 11" x 14" drawings I called the "Metabiotic Thought-Forms". Metabiotic is a term I have used reocurrently in my work, and it literally means "beyond life". The idea involves a form of higher sphere or dimension encompassing all others, that hints toward a connective principle, or what I have called before: "the programming language of nature". These appear to be basically some sort of Godheads, Deities or what I call "Intelligences".
Though I perceived these general themes and patterns (that I recognize from my general body of work,) the Thought Forms took on their own personality and I am reluctant to say that these meanings are ultimately what the series represents. The above descriptions are a rather intuitive and quick reading; what came to me as I proceeded to look at and name the pieces.
The series was drawn very loosely, using India Ink, Tea, and a blue tone derived from a mix of scraps from different antique writing-ink bottles. The spontaneous Thought Forms will be shown at the Mendelson Gallery in Pittsburgh from July 3rd until August 4th.



  1. They are all highly interesting themes. Love the blue tone you came up with. Que siga la inspiración.

  2. Excellent work, both the art and descriptions of your process. When I first saw your comic and some of your doodles I was reminded of Serafini and was mildly surprised to learn you just recently discovered him. To my eyes, your work is growing increasingly vibrant and substantial (love the colors). I have to do family stuff this weekend and can't make it to your opening, but have fun and perhaps next week I can show you the paintings of other folks I suspect might work for the VAF.

  3. Hey Alberto! Glad to see that you're finally getting your work online, much love and good job on the Visionary Arts Festival.