Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Visionary Chamber videos

I recently created 2 new videos (more like image collages) of 2 older artworks called "Visionary Chambers". They are miniature assemblage box dioramas, 14 of them so far. These boxes are immersive. They are created for individual viewing, so they are elusive to photograph. I am reluctant to talk much about their concept, as this changes for each piece and it is usually quite elaborate. In general, I conceive of them as contained "realms" similar to that which I have found in dreams and visions. Part of the goal of these works was to give such elusive dimensions (half-imaginary-half-hypereal) a concrete form, without loosing some of their intangible qualities.

Visionary Chamber 5: Wizard's Table

Visionary Chamber 6: Blue Chair

I admit this one is a bit creepy, but it was inspired by a true event: a rather unsettling yet very powerful experience related to my real-life exploration with the aforementioned realms. In a description from an older (2009) video of this box I wrote: "It is inspired in a series of mind-experiments were I launched from my blue living room chair, out of my body, into Other Space. There was a scary gate-keeper there which is depicted in this video. He and his whole family offered me a tea party and by then I had forgotten who I was. I almost stayed there forever, but fortunately I remembered my earthly existence just in time, and returned".

I now refer often to Other Space, which can only be described or depicted in metaphorical ways. I believe many others have described and depicted similar places, popular examples of which are Wonderland, Neverland, Narnia and many others. The mistake is to think that these are solely imaginary places, not realizing the metaphorical and liminal essence of the reality that these stories insinuate. There is something about the existence of a parallel world (right below our noses) that is a reocurring theme of many stories throughout the world. I believe, by means of personal experience, that such stories tell of a journey that any individual can undergo, but only once they have found an entryway. Falling in through a rabbithole or an old closet, entering through a crack on the wall or the crevice of a tree, crossing a mushroom ring, waterfall of mirror; these are some of the preferred methods ;)
But there are many more ways in which the persistent and seeking soul will find such delicious portals. For me, it is through my work.
Sweet Dreams!


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