Sunday, April 17, 2011


Some images from a work in progress called "Realm of Humazuma".

On a recent statement about this work I wrote:

"The body of work I am currently focusing on is another collection (or a conjunction) of objects, scenes and dioramas along the lines of previous bodies such as “POK Mummy Sites” and the “Visionary Chambers”. Like these works, “Realm of Humazuma” is an experiment in physicality, meta-physicality and the aesthetic experience. The work is being created mostly on paper, using paper, clays, pigments, ink, salt, sand, balsa wood and other materials. Much thought has gone into visualizing the work’s progression into a more immersive presentation. For now, humazuma is only a world in progress".

"Humazuma is a deity originally described by my six year-old son. Its realm is that of impermanence, natural cycles, ritualistic objects and arrangements; all interwoven through desolate island/desert/landscape/shrine scenes. Humazuma is, in a general sense, the God of flowing water, clay, erosion, vessels, markings and patterns, and certain specific man-made interventions, such as “alignments of things”. In its domain are objects such as sidewalk cracks, flower pots, clotheslines, holes, shadows, and dimensional portals. There is a fundamental simplicity in the surface appearance of the Realm of Humazuma, which allows me -and the viewer- for an easy entry, plenty of open interpretation, mystery and discovery. It is perhaps through the eyes of my son that I have recovered a desire to not take even the simplest of things for granted, to not put words on things as much, and just absorb them fully and openly as they arrive. This might be the most important consideration if one is interested in dwelling with the aesthetic experience whatsoever, is to not over-rationalize it".

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