Friday, September 21, 2012

Stereo Torisia

Stereo Torisia

This is a (quite imperfect) stereoscopic/ stereographic drawing I created by hand, featuring Torisia the paper planet. It was made using watercolor, walnut ink and a number of resin-like things: polyurethane, absorvent ground and a two part epoxy. One can never appreciate these textures fully  just from images..

Torisia feel

The stereo pair is intended to be viewed using a 7 inch stereoscopic lense. It works quite alright for this purpose, but in order to share the effect more widely I converted it to piku-piku viewing, below.
Here you can see all the imperfections, while most of the detail is gone. But in order to correct it I would have to put in yet another ton of hours, for something that I am actually fine with just keeping  as an experiment for now (perhaps this is just the fate of so many of my works anyway).
 I do like the "feel" of it though, and the little accidental "meteor showers" that occured with this particular interface are kind of cool.

All that work and I'm still only half pleased, as it sometimes goes. It's only because it is so hard to create, capture and share what one imagines. Common art problem. But there is always something to gain from exploring territories unknown to me; if nothing else the experience of having done so.
More importantly, while working on these more technical-type projects I usually end up spacing out and creating spontaneous things on the side, which many times turn out to be more succesful in the end. Such might be the case of the sketch featured in my next post: "Archimedean Eclipse in my Sketchbook".
A lesson well learned.


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