Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stereographic projection around Torisia

Wulff construction

So speaking of sterescopic/stereographic images, I recently drew by compass and straightedge this spherical grid that is very similar to the Wulff net. The Wulff net is a stereographic projection used as a tool in things like crystallography, to plot a sphere into a 2 dimensional space.
I arrived at it looking for something in particular and would like to use it, amongst other things, as a tool to develop stereographic drawings.

On related news, I inserted a Wulffian field around the atmosphere of the planet Torisia, using of course my Magnyforium Scope.

This has allowed me to finally plot the precise coordinates to map the geography of this planet in stereoscopic views, and convert it into a full stereographic rendition. It's already hapenning, slowly but surely, in my planetary laboratory.

Stereo-wulff planet sketches AA12

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