Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stereographic Drawing

"Anima Mundi" Stereographic drawing

I created this steresocopic (or stereographic) image by hand on March 19, 2010; using compass and straightedge, ink and watercolor on paper. It was created to be viewed using a pair of special stereoscopes, and I was super excited when I found it to work.

If you would like to learn the details as to how I created this drawing, check out this older post: stereo art! and to see how I displayed the final piece, and the concept behind the artwork itself check here.

I should clarify briefly here that this image has three alternative titles: "Outer Technology Reveals Inner Technologies" is the fully installed piece and display. The stereo drawing itself is called "Axis Anima Mundi Vessel" or "Columna Cerului" alternatively.

I have recently come back to this image to try and display it in some other, more publicly accesible way. I separated the image into the individual halfs of the stereo pair and alternated and cross faded these 2 pictures to create this video:

I hope you liked that. But this post is not about reviewing old work, but about expressing my excitement for this reencounter with stereoscopy. I am now in full research and production of new works that are also sterescopic and created by hand, but will hopefully reach new interesting and ambitious goals. I am looking forward to sharing these in due time. Thanks for visiting!



  1. Oh wow. This is really impressive man!

  2. Also, apparently the storyboards from the hobbit were all draw stereographically?

  3. I like the look of the opaque color over the transparent color. It really makes the pieces jump off the page. Very beautiful subject and execution. The video really helps me see and understand what I'm looking at.