Saturday, June 11, 2016


"Concavexerners" is a "short" term for "Concave Convex Corners"
These are drawings created on concave corners that are made to appear as if they were convex structures resembling cubes. It took me some figuring out in my sketchbook before I was ready to fully draw these...

Concave Convex studies

If you are an observative nerd like me, you may have noticed that if you stare at the very corner of a room for long enough, you may be able to trick your perception into seeing said corner as if it was the protruding vertex of a cube. I could show you a context view, but instead I think I wanna leave you to wreck your brain on these a little. These are NOT what they appear to be; they are actually concave and not convex objects.

Work Table

I showed these at the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination, and seeing the actual objects is much more effective than the photographs. They produce a strange "wiggling" effect that makes them seem as though they were three-dimensional.

End of the World

Drawing these was tricky because I had to account for many factors such as viewing angle and distance. The drawings themselves had to be done following strict but "distorted" perspective lines.

Hiding Spot

Hope you enjoyed!


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